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How it Works

Storing your stuff with GearBank®
is as easy as 1, 2, & 3!

Set-up Your Storage:

On our website, select the “GET STARTED” button to begin booking your storage. Once on our order page, select the size and quantity of GearBank® storage bins you will need. Also, if you have bulky items like bikes, snowboards or baby strollers, we can handle those too. As you are filling in your bin and bulky item information the GearBank® auto-calculator will automatically calculate what your monthly storage costs will be, including HST. After you have made your selections, select a date and time for GearBank® to deliver your empty storage bins to you. There is no charge to you for the delivery of your empty bins.

Pack Your Belongings and Ready Your Bulky Items:

Upon delivery of your personal storage bins, you will be provided with a supply of zip ties and bar code tags to properly identify your bins and bulky items. (Similar to a luggage bag tag when you check in at the airport.) You can then pack your items in the bins and ready your bulky items to be placed in storage. If you pack your items within 15 minutes our Driver will wait and take your storage items with him. The return pick-up fee will be waived. IMPORTANT, remember to login to your secure web page and record a list of items packed in each bin and take a photo as well so that later, when you want to retrieve your items, you have an accurate record of what is in each bin. If you want some time to prepare your storage items then, simply click on “my cart” and select a convenient date and time to have your items and bins picked up by our GearBank® driver. Regular pick-up rates apply for a return pick-up service, $15.00 for the first item and $2.75 for each item after that.

Want Your Items Back? No Problem:

Simply log in to your account, select your bins and items to be returned, a convenient date and time and our GearBank® driver will bring your items back to you, when and where you need them! You can do this all from the comfort of your own home. The charge for return of items to you ($15.00 for the first bin or bulky item and $2.75 for each additional item) is then automatically billed to your credit card.

GearBank® storage… it’s simple to do, super convenient and economical! You customize your own storage and you only pay for what you use…how great is that!