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General – Service Questions

1. What is GearBank® Storage and how does it work?

GearBank® is an innovative and convenient storage-on-demand service designed for people who require additional space for their household, business and seasonal items. GearBank®’s solution means you only pay for the actual space you need and not for a half filled storage unit in some remote industrial park.

Storing with GearBank® is simple! Browse our website (or call 1-844-432-7226) and make your storage arrangements. Select your storage bins and GearBank® will bring them right to your door, free of charge, usually the same day. You pack your items in our bins or simply use one of our unique bar code tags to identify your larger items. If you can pack your bins and gear in less than 15 minutes, we will wait and take them to storage right away, and we will waive the return pick-up fee. If you need more time, simply arrange your pick-up date and time and we’ll come back to pick up your items and we’ll store them in our high security, climate controlled warehouse facility. (Standard pick-up fees apply.) When you want your items back, simply log-in to your private page on our website, request the items you need and tell us where and when you need them. We’ll bring them to you. Simple!
2. How do I get started?

Simply click the GET STARTED button on our home page. You will then be guided through a few simple steps to select your storage bins, your delivery and pick-up dates, fill in your address information and any special delivery instructions and then proceed to our check-out page to arrange payment for your storage. A pricing window will show you your monthly storage costs as you proceed through the steps to arrange your storage. If at any time you have questions, you can e-mail us at or call us toll free at 1-844-432-7226 (regular business hours) and our friendly, courteous staff will be available to assist you.
3. What is your service area?

GearBank® provides simple, same day Storage-on-Demand services for the Greater Toronto Region and 1 or 2 day services to all of Southern Ontario. For clients requiring mobility of their storage items due to work transfers or storage for your vacation home, GearBank® has high security locations in every major centre across the country. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to call our Customer Service Team to confirm your location before you place your order. Call 1-844-432-7226 to arrange any special pick-up or delivery services.
4. What kinds of items can I store?

You can store almost anything that you want out of your home or workplace that fits in our convenient storage bins. We also store larger items such as bicycles, golf clubs, skis, snowboards, microwaves, kayaks, hockey gear, luggage and other bulky items. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Seasonal Clothing (winter coats, bulky sweaters, ski wear, ice skates, or summer dresses)
  • Decorations (for holidays from Christmas to Halloween)
  • Sporting goods (camping equipment, team uniforms, soccer balls)
  • Household items (extra kitchen items, linens, small appliances)
  • Keepsakes (children’s art, family heirlooms, photographs)
  • Tools and equipment for your workshop.
  • Personal and business records (tax records, correspondence, accounting files)
  • Books, notes and gear for college and university students
  • Important files, tax records, legal documents etc. for small and medium sized businesses.
5. Are there any items I cannot store?

Yes. For safety reasons we prohibit the storage of anything alive, liquids of any type, pressurized bins, perishable items, hazardous materials, explosives or any and all illegal substances recognized as illegal by The Province of Ontario or The Government of Canada. If you aren’t sure, please ask us by e-mail, or call 1-844-432-7226 and we will advise what can and cannot be stored at GearBank®.

Additional insurance is available for the storage of breakables, jewelry, valuable artwork etc. however, GearBank® does not recommend our service for these items. GearBank® is a mobile service which involves a high level of handling to and from storage and we are not responsible for the condition of the items you place inside your locked bins.
6. Can I sign up using my Smartphone?

Yes. Simply open up your web browser on your smartphone and proceed through the steps to book your GearBank® on-demand storage. (We are in development of our free app to download to your mobile device – to make GearBank® on-demand storage even easier for you.)


7. What are the sizes of your GearBank® bins?

a. Small Bin: 21.75” Long x 14” Wide x 9.25” deep;
b. Medium Bin: 27” Long x 16” Wide x 12.25” deep;
c. Large Bin: 28” Long x 20” Wide x 15” deep;
8. Is there a weight limit per bin?

Yes. We require that your bins weigh no more than 20 Kg (45 lbs.) each when filled. This is to ensure that the bins can be safely loaded, delivered and stored in our storage racking facilities. Arrangements can be made for overweight bins if required, additional handling fees will apply.
9. Can I use my own bins?

Yes, if you already own high quality, lockable and sealable storage bins with the same/similar dimensions as the GearBank® standard, we will accept them for storage. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-844-432-7226 or send an email to along with a picture of your bin, they will confirm their suitability for storage at GearBank® and provide you with discounted storage pricing.

Lower quality plastic bins and cardboard boxes of any kind may not be used.*

*To avoid repacking items such as electronic equipment already in its original packaging, most clients place the whole box inside the appropriate GearBank bin.
10. Can I purchase your GearBank® bins?

Yes. If you wish, you may purchase our durable, commercial grade GearBank® bins. If you choose this option, pricing and monthly storage cost reduction for each size bin is as follows:

  • Small Bin: $35.50 purchase price. $1.15 per month storage savings.
  • Medium Bin: $43.50 purchase price. $1.60 per month storage savings.
  • Large Bin: $77.50 purchase price. $3.25 per month storage savings.

If you wish to purchase your GearBank® storage bins please call 1-844-432-7226 at the time of booking your storage and the bin price and storage reduction will be amended to your bill.

11. Can you do the packing for me?

No. All items for storage must be packed and labelled prior to making arrangements for pick-up and transport to storage.
12. What bulky items can I store?

We can store a wide range of bulky items including golf clubs, skis and snowboards, wakeboards, bicycles, kayaks and paddleboards, artificial Christmas trees, baby strollers and much, much more. Pricing for storage of bulky items is by size, shape and weight. The pricing is detailed for you on the Get Started / Order page. If you don’t see your bulky item on our order page, please call our Customer Service Team at 1-844-432-7226 (or email and our Representative will calculate your monthly storage rate for you.

Please note: All items to be stored at GearBank® will require the application of a unique GearBank® barcode tracking label.

We do not store furniture, appliances and other large items that cannot fit in our delivery vans or cannot be easily carried by our driver. If you are not sure, take a picture of the item and send a picture and description by e-mail to and we will advise you by e-mail if we can store your bulky item(s) as well as monthly storage fees for that item.
13. How do I identify what is in each of my GearBank® bins?

Each GearBank® bin will have a unique ID code that is linked directly to you. When we drop off your GearBank storage bins we will provide you with an easy to follow instruction sheet to help guide you through the process. Our driver will provide you with zip ties that have a signature area that also identifies that bin as yours.

During your initial account setup you will have created a unique login name and password to access your personal on-line storage inventory management system. Simply login to the site and follow the instructions provided with your bins to index the contents of your bin as you have packed it. To help you remember what you have in storage, GearBank® recommends taking a picture of the bin contents before sealing it – this picture can be saved as part of your bin’s meta data for easy reference.

Once your items are packed, you can close and seal the bin with the Zip ties provided. Each tie should be signed by you so that you will know the bin has not been opened while in our care. For added security, you may also wish to add a lock to each bin. If required, custom locks may be purchased from GearBank®.

For bulky items or sporting equipment, GearBank® will provide you with unique pre-printed barcode labels that will have to be affixed to each item for storage. The barcode label is both a unique identifier of your items and GearBank®’s main tracking tool. All items entering GearBank®’s high security warehouse must be barcoded prior to arrival. GearBank drivers will not accept any items that do not have a barcode identification label. Please place the label in a location that will not damage the appearance of your item, however, it must also be in a location accessible by our hand held barcode readers. If you prefer, GearBank® can supply a plastic label holder and tie that can be placed around a bike frame, golf bag handle etc. to avoid affixing the label to your item.
14. Is there a minimum number of bins and bulky items I can store?

No. We have a large, secure and climate controlled warehouse to store your bins and bulky items. There are no minimums. If you have over 20 combined bins and bulky items in storage you will qualify for storage discounts. We will automatically apply these discounts to your credit card billing. For more information on high volume discounts please e-mail or call 1-844-432-7226.
15. How do I know how many bins I will need?

Refer to the dimensions for each of our storage bins and compare to the items you are storing to estimate how many bins you will need. If you are not sure, please call 1-844-432-7226 and our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist you in determining the number of bins you will need to meet your storage needs. If you find that after we deliver your empty storage bins you did not order enough, don’t worry. Our drivers usually carry a few extra bins with them for this reason or we can always bring you more, free of charge.
16. Will your drivers wait while I pack my bins?

Yes. Provided you can pack your bins within 15 minutes. (Please let us know in advance if you plan to pack your bins while our driver waits.) Our drivers will have several pick-ups and deliveries throughout the day and need to stay on a schedule. If your packing will take more than 15 minutes then our driver will return at a scheduled date and time to pick up your bins and take them to storage.
17. Do you provide packing supplies?

Yes. For any delicate items, GearBank® stocks a complete supply of packing paper, bubble wrap and tape to prepare your items for storage. Please call 1-844-432-7226 at the time of booking your storage to order any packing supplies you may need. Our driver will bring them with him when delivering your empty storage bins.

Also, please refer to our additional insurance coverage options for coverage on high value breakables etc. Again, we recommend you do not store breakables such as glassware, fine china, figurines etc. with GearBank® as we are not responsible for breakage of items inside the bins that you have packed.


18. When can I schedule my pick-ups and deliveries?

GearBank®’s standard Hours of Operation are 7 days per week, 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. The scheduling of bin drop-offs, pick-ups and deliveries of your filled bins is within 3 hour window periods. When booking your service you can choose the 3-hour window time slot for pick-ups and deliveries that is most convenient for you. Our drivers will call you in advance of arriving at your home to ensure you are there during your arranged pick-up window time.
19. How do I schedule my pick-up or delivery?

It’s easy. Just select the GET STARTED button on our home page and work your way through the scheduling prompts and choose your date and time window to arrange your bin drop off, pick-ups or deliveries. You can schedule your service on-line 24/7 or if by phone, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:30 pm. It is very easy and takes most customers only a few minutes.
20. How far in advance do I need to schedule my pick-ups and deliveries?

GearBank® understands that you have a busy schedule and we want to be sure that we’re there for you when you need us. Our goal is to get you what you need to start packing your items for storage within 24 hours of your initial request. Please select the date and time that is most convenient for you when booking your storage on-line. Place your order by 10 a.m. and we’ll have your bins on site before the end of business that same day.*

Rush services are always available and can be arranged in as little as 2 hours if required. Additional service charges will apply. Please contact our Customer Service Department directly at 1-844-432-7226 for any rush retrieval or delivery services.

*24 Hour service region is limited to the Greater Toronto Area, or all points within a 100 km radius of the Toronto International Airport. For service times outside this territory please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-844-432-7226 or send a request to and we will contact you directly to schedule your service.
21. Do you have a rush service if I need my items right away?

Yes. GearBank® can be at your location in as little as 2 hours if required. Additional charges will apply. Send us an e-mail; or call 1-844-432-7226 and speak to our Customer Service Representatives about your rush service needs and we will be happy to assist you.
22. Will you send me a reminder of the pick-up or delivery I have scheduled?

Yes. After you schedule your order a pop up window will appear with your complete order details, delivery/pickup time and an order number you may use for tracking purposes. You can save this to your desktop or print a reference copy. The order details will also appear in your delivery calendar located on the home page of your on-line inventory management system. A shopping cart will appear on any date in the current month where you have a scheduled pickup or delivery. Simply click on the cart for full details on your order. Then, on the day of your scheduled service, the driver will contact you by phone or text message to confirm the pick-up and or delivery and approximate time they will arrive at your home or office.
23. How will I know that the person who comes to my home to deliver or pick-up my bins and bulky items is from GearBank®?

Several ways. We understand how important your security is to you and we go to great lengths to ensure your storage needs are safe and secure. Our driver will be wearing a GearBank® delivery uniform with our GearBank® logo prominently displayed. Our driver will also be wearing a photo identification badge which he will present to you upon arrival to confirm he is from GearBank®.
24. Will the driver go to my basement or garage to pick up my bins or bulky items?

Yes. If you invite our driver into your home they will be happy to pick up your bins or bulky items from most locations provided they can do so safely. For a return of your filled bins or bulky items, our drivers will place the items inside your home in a convenient spot by your door.
25. How often can I schedule a pick-up or delivery?

You can schedule a pick-up or delivery as often as you wish. There are no limits. Regular delivery rates apply. GearBank® is storage on demand. Simple and convenient!
26. Can I change or cancel a pick-up or delivery?

Yes. Because of our driver route scheduling, we ask you give us 24 hours advance notice (from your scheduled time of pick-up or delivery) if you wish to make changes to your schedule. Changes and cancellations are free if done within the 24 hour advance notice. Service charges on a Rush service request are not refundable once the driver has been dispatched.
27. Can I make last minute changes to my storage requirements?

Typically Yes. Our drivers will often have extra empty storage bins with them in the event you require more storage than your original estimate. Also, if the driver has room in their vehicle, they will accept additional bulky items that you may not have planned for. These will be added to your monthly storage charges as per normal procedure.
28. Can I have my empty bins delivered one day and then picked up on another day so I have time to fill them?

Yes. That is what the majority of our customers do.
29. Do I have to be home for pick-up or delivery?

Yes. For insurance and security reasons we require you have an adult at home for the delivery of your empty storage bins, pick-up of your filled bins and return delivery of your filled bins. You can set the date and time for pick-ups and deliveries when you book your storage service with us. A signature is required for each pick-up and delivery of your bins and/or stored items. This is to verify that your storage service has been completed as per our Terms and Conditions when you book your service.
30. Can I get my bins or bulky items delivered to a different location than from where they were picked up?

Yes. To ensure GearBank® has the correct specifications for deliveries and pickups on your account, all new delivery and pick-up addresses must be added to your account by our Customer Service Team. Please send an email to or call us directly at 1-844-432-7226. Please allow 48 hours advance notice for any pick-up or delivery address changes so that we may accommodate your needs. Please note, you may request delivery of your bins or bulky items outside of our normal GTA service area, additional delivery service charges will apply. Please speak to our Customer Service Representative for rates and times for special delivery or pick-up needs.
31. Can I store my items for less than a month?

Yes. Storage charges begin on the date your empty bins are delivered too you. Your on-going monthly billing cycle will start on the day of the month that you first received your bins. If you cancel your storage service and request the return of your items in storage before your monthly end cycle date, you will be charged for that complete month. There is no pro-rating of monthly storage charges. Storage credits are not applied for items removed from storage before the end of your monthly billing cycle.

Please note. You are paying for the storage of the bin, not the contents. During any billing period you may wish to retrieve a bin, remove its contents, refill it with new items for storage, update your index on-line and return the bin in which case, only the delivery and pickup service charges will apply. There would be no change to the storage rate for your monthly billing cycle. This scenario would be very common during seasonal changeover of summer/winter clothing.
32. How do I get my bins and other bulky items back from GearBank®?

Simple. Just log-in to your secure web page and add the items you wish to have returned to your shopping cart, select the delivery type, date and time and click “submit order”. You will get a confirmation that your order has been accepted along with an order number that you may use for tracking purposes. Alternatively, during regular business hours, you may call 1-844-432-7226 and one of our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to place the order for you.
33. Can the driver wait while I pack my boxes?

Yes. Provided you can pack your bins within 15 minutes. (Please let us know in advance if you plan to pack your bins while our driver waits. Our drivers will have several pick-ups and deliveries throughout the day and need to stay on a schedule. If your packing will take more than 15 minutes then our driver will return at a scheduled date and time to pick up your bins and take them to storage.
34. What happens if I miss my scheduled pick-up or delivery time? Will you still bill me?

We understand that sometimes life happens and last minute things can happen to prevent you from being at home for your scheduled pick-up or delivery time. If this happens, our driver will attempt to contact you to see if we can re-schedule for later the same day. If this is not possible, then you will need to re-schedule your pick-up or delivery order. We typically don’t bill if this happens as these occasions are very rare. If it happens regularly, we will need to bill you as provided in our Terms and Conditions agreement.
35. After I receive my empty GearBank® bins, how long can I hold on to them before sending them back to GearBank® for storage?

Your monthly storage charge will commence on the day we drop off your empty GearBank® bins. As you are paying for the bins on the day you receive them, it is in your best interests to fill them with your items and call us back to retrieve them and place in storage as soon as possible. You’ll also free up space in your home sooner!

If you have purchased your bins from GearBank® or are utilizing your own high strength plastic bins, there are no storage fees until your bins arrive at our facility.
36. After I receive my filled bins back from GearBank® and no longer require storage services, what do I do with the GearBank® bins after I have emptied them?

If you can unpack the bins right away, our driver will wait, up to a maximum of 15 minutes and then take the empty bins with him. If you do not have time to unpack the bins while the driver is waiting, then you can schedule our driver to pick up your empty bins at a date and time that is convenient for you. You will have 7 days to arrange for the pick-up of the empty storage bins and this pick-up will be Free of Charge. If you do not schedule the pick-up of your empty bins within 7 days, you will be billed for the purchase price of the bins as spelled out in our Terms and Conditions Agreement.
37. What if inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control prevent a pick-up or delivery at an agreed to scheduled time?

Life happens! In the event of unsafe driving conditions or other uncontrollable circumstances where a pick-up or delivery cannot be made, we will make every effort to work with you to ensure your storage requirements are handled in an expedient, safe and professional manner given the circumstances we are dealing with. If there are delays, we will be in touch with you by phone and / or e-mail to keep you fully informed of our service and scheduling commitments to you.

Pricing, Payment and Billing

38. What is your monthly storage rate?

Our monthly rates for our storage bins are as follows:
1. Basic pricing:
i. Small bin: $3.95/month—$47.40/yr.
ii. Medium bin: $4.85/month—$58.20/yr.
iii. Large bin: $7.25/month— $87.00/yr.

2. If you pre-pay for 12 months the pricing is:
i. Small bin: $3.25/month—$39.00/yr.
ii. Medium bin: $4.10/month—$49.20/yr.
iii. Large bin: $6.50/month—$78.00/yr.

3. If you purchase your bin the storage pricing is:
i. Small bin: $2.80/month—$33.60/yr.
ii. Medium bin: $3.25/month—$39.00/yr.
iii. Large bin: $4.00/month—$48.00/yr.

4. If you purchase your bins and pre-pay for 12 months of storage the pricing is:
i. Small bin: $2.10/month—$25.20/yr.
ii. Medium bin: $2.50/month—$30.00/yr.
iii. Large bin: $3.25/month—$39.00/yr.

5. To purchase your plastic bin from GearBank the pricing is:
i. Small bin: $35.50 each
ii. Medium bin: $43.50 each
iii. Large bin: $77.50 each

6. For bulky* items such as skis, bikes, snowboards, portable cribs, strollers, golf clubs (see pricing section for storage rates on bulky items) etc.:
i. Strollers—$5.00/month
ii. Golf Clubs or Skis—$7.50/month
iii. Bicycle, Snow Board, Canoe/Kayak—$10.00/month

7. If you pre-pay the storage on your seasonal bulky items for six months the pricing is:
i. Strollers—$25.50
ii. Golf Clubs or Skis—$40.50
iii. Bicycle, Snow Board, Canoe/Kayak—%50.00

*For pricing on bin sizes or bulky items not listed above, please contact GearBank at 1-844-432-7226 or

Please note: There are discounts available for large volume storage. Discounts will start at 20 items or more in storage. Discounts will be automatically applied to your credit card billing. For more information on high volume discounts please e-mail or call 1-844-432-7226.

If you have any questions about rates and prices that we have not covered here, please e-mail us at or call 1-844-432-7226 and a Customer Service representative will be happy to assist you.
39. Is there a contract or term commitment?

No. Storage charges are billed on the day that we deliver your empty storage bins to your home. There are no storage credits for partial months. Storage rates are discounted for longer term, prepaid accounts.
40. Is there a minimum number of bins or bulky items that can be stored?

No. You can store as little or as much as you desire. We are here to support your storage service needs, on demand, customized by you.
41. Is there a charge for delivery of empty bins to me? For pick-up of my filled bins? And return delivery of my filled bins to me when I need them?

No, Maybe and Yes. GearBank® will drop off your empty bins for your use, free of charge. If you are able to pack the bins and code your items within the 15 minute driver waiting period, there is no charge to return the bins and bulky items to storage. If you require additional time to pack your items beyond 15 minutes and have to schedule a second visit for pickup, GearBank® will return to your home or office to pick up your filled bins or bulky items. A charge of $15.00 for the first item and $2.75 for each additional item will apply. Your monthly billing charges will commence on the date we deliver your empty bins to you. When you need your stored items or bins returned to you, there will be a $15.00 delivery charge for the first bin or bulky item and $2.75 for each additional bin/item.
42. How do I pay for GearBank® storage?

It’s all done automatically by credit card. When you first sign up, and before you can schedule a pickup or delivery, you’ll be required to provide your name, address and contact information, key in your credit card information and accept our Terms and Conditions customer agreement. This is all done easily and securely in the “Account” section of our Get Started page. Then we’ll just automatically bill your credit card for each order (i.e., storage, delivery, box purchase or optional insurance) and send you an email receipt with details. You can view all of your orders on your secure private account web page.
43. Can I store my items for less than a month? Do you prorate my storage fees?

Yes and No. You can store your items for as little as one day or for 31 days in a month, however, our storage fees are per month and there is no credit for removing items prior to the end of the billing cycle. No, your monthly storage charges commence on the day that we deliver your empty bins to your home. This will be the date (same calendar day every month) of the start of your monthly billing cycle. Storage fees are not prorated if you remove your items from storage before the end of your monthly billing cycle.
44. Should I buy my GearBank® storage bins?

It depends. If you are planning on storing your items for longer than 24 – 34 months, depending on the bin size, then it will cost you less to purchase your bin. Or if you want a brand new bin that will only be used for your treasures then you should purchase. If your storage need is short term then we suggest you don’t purchase the bin as that is the less expensive option. Please note: You will be responsible for any damage to the bins while in your care. Damaged bins returned to GearBank® will be billed to your credit card at the retail purchase price of the bin.
45. How much does it cost to purchase my storage bins?

If you wish, you may purchase our durable, commercial grade GearBank® bins. If you choose this option, pricing and monthly storage cost reductions will apply as follows:

  1. Small bin: $35.50 purchase price. $1.15 per month storage savings.
  2. Medium bin: $37.50 purchase price. $1.60 per month storage savings.
  3. Large bin: $77.50 purchase price. $3.25 per month storage savings.

If you wish to purchase your GearBank® storage bins please call 1-844-432-7226 at the time of booking your storage and the bin price and storage reduction will be amended to your bill.

46. What happened if I miss a payment?

We understand that life happens! Credit cards get cancelled, people go on vacation etc. That’s why we give customers a 2 week grace period on late payments. If you know in advance that you may be making a late payment for any reason, please contact us so that we can work with you. You may be charged a late payment fee if you do not contact us in advance. In extreme cases we may not return your items until your account balance is settled. If you know you will have a payment issue, please contact us ASAP at or call 1-844-432-7226.
47. How do I update my billing and contact information?

To update any of your account information you will need to reach out to our Customer Service Team by e-mail, or call 1-844-432-7226 and our Customer Service Representative will be happy to assist you with any account information updates.
48. How do your prices compare to Public Storage facilities?

Very well! According to a recent Public Self-Storage industry association study, the average customer spent about $182/month in 2014 for their storage needs. By contrast, the average GearBank® customer spends about $30/month – 83% less – including the convenience of home pick-up and delivery. Plus with GearBank® on demand storage you only pay for what you use instead of having to rent a large space whether it’s full or empty.


49. Can I secure or lock my bins?

Yes. GearBank® bins are made of high-quality, commercial grade plastic with two padlock holes (one on each end). Your driver will provide you with two special security seals to sign and attach to each bin. You may also use your own locks on the bin if they fit. Your bins and bulky items will only be handled by our bonded drivers and warehouse employees and stored at our high security, gated warehouse facility.
50. Where will my items be stored?

Your items will be stored at our state of the art, high security warehouse facility. Our facility features climate controlled, fully racked warehouse space, multiple security cameras, alarm systems, motion detectors and fully bonded warehouse employees to ensure your stored items are secure 24/7.

GearBank®’s facilities, staff and vehicles are subjected to a full audit every six months by third party auditors in order to maintain our PCI, NAID and Privacy Plus secure storage and handling certifications.
51. Can I go to the warehouse to pick-up, drop off or view my items in storage?

Yes. Drop off of bins or bulky items at our site is available Monday through Friday anytime between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

For pickup of your bins or items, please provide 24 hours notice of your intended arrival time to ensure our staff has your items ready at the shipping dock for your arrival.

As always, RUSH services are available. Please call our customer service team at 1-844-432-7226 and we can have your items available for pick-up in as little as 1 hour. Additional rush service charges will apply.
52. Are my items in storage insured?

Yes. Typically, your Homeowners Insurance Policy provides insurance coverage for general household items you have in storage. Please refer to your Homeowners policy for specific coverage. In addition, each GearBank® bin includes insurance coverage for damage, theft or loss as follows:

Small bin =$100.00
Medium bin=$200.00
Large bin=$300.00
53. Can I purchase additional insurance?

Yes. You have the option to purchase additional insurance coverage for your items in storage. As you select your storage bins on our Get Started page, you will have the option to purchase additional insurance for your items to be placed in storage. The insurance charges will be automatically added to your monthly bill. As you complete your bin requirements and select additional insurance coverage, you can see the additional charges automatically calculated for your convenience. If you have any questions about insurance coverage and pricing please discuss with our Customer Service Representative at 1-844-432-7226. Please note; you should check your home owners or renters’ insurance policy as it will likely provide insurance coverage for household items while they are in storage.
54. Can anyone else see what’s in my bins or view my photos or descriptions on my web page?

No, you are the only person who will see the contents of your bins. When you have completed packing your bins, you are encouraged to take a photo of each and make a list of the contents for each bin. You can use this to update your information and content descriptions on your private web page. When your bins are delivered you will be provided with two zip tie seals per bin that you can apply once your bin lid is secured in place. You can also place locks on your bins – if you wish. The seals have a tab that should be signed or initialed by you and there is a unique barcode that identifies the bin as yours. Your web page is secure and protected by your unique password and only you have access to the information on this page.
55. Will you open up my bins?

No. If we have a reasonable suspicion that they contain prohibited items, the bins will be refused at our warehouse and returned to you unopened.
56. How secure is your warehouse?

Our warehouse is not open to the public and is under 24 hour, 7 days per week surveillance. We have multiple security cameras, motion detectors, night vision and multiple alarms. As noted, all our drivers and warehouse personnel are bonded employees with thorough background checks and we have staff on-site 24/7/365. In addition, all of our delivery vehicles are equipped with high security, dual key locking systems, a separate cargo area, GPS tracking and alarm systems. Our sister company, FileBank®, is a leading Canadian company in the secure file and document storing and shredding business. We have been providing high security document storage services for multiple national law firms, financial institutions, insurance companies, hospitals and clinics and other businesses for almost 30 years.